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Soil Investigation

We have been providing quality soil investigation service to contractors, developers and consultants.

Deep Foundation (Piles)

CFA Piles

is one of the most widely adopted piling techniques due to its low impact on the surrounding environment.

Bored Pile

In general bored piles offer the most economical foundation as they can be constructed.

Micro Piles

is another type of pile which is act as a supporting structure to transfer the load from the building to the ground

Helical Piles

are steel shafts with a series of low-pitched circular steel helical plates welded at strategic positions along the shaft.


Deep Wells - Multistage Pumps

is also a versatile predrainage dewatering system which can pump high and low volumes of groundwater.

Well Point system

are employed primarily to lower groundwater levels around foundations to provide stable working conditions.

Soil Shoring

Secant Piles

using piles have many types according to soil natural. In case of loose soil, separated concrete piles are preferred to be used.

Sheet Piles

using sheet piles is a regular method in sea port quays, and also it can be used for ordinary soil shoring project as a fast solution to save excavation sides.

Wooden Shuttering

Soil shoring using wood shuttering using wooden plates and vertical steel beams , it can be used in trenches excavation for sewage systems and water pipes in addition of deep sumps.

Soil Anchoring

A tieback is a structural element installed in soil or rock to transfer applied tensile load into the ground.

Soil Injection

Permeation Grouting | Hydro Fracture Grouting |

Compensation Grouting | Compensation Grouting

Pile Load Test and Plate Load Test

Elgindy offers all types of Pile Load Testing and Pile Driving Analysis to ensure a pile’s conformance with project specifications and local building codes.