About Us

El Gindy Contracting Co. has been established in Alexandria, Egypt 1987s for the primary mission of providing engineering, geotechnical and construction projects.

Our extensive applied experience in geotechnical engineering and advanced equipments technology gives us an edge over competition as we are able to provide our clients with best economical solution for dewatering, soil injection, soil nailing, anchors, micro piles, pored piles and CFA (continuous flight auger piles), in addition Elgindy has high quality staff for execution of underground construction and super structure.

Elgindy employs seasoned Engineers and Professionals who possess extensive experience in the implementation and execution of complex geotechnical and construction project for oil and gas, treatment plant and industrial projects.

Elgindy has professional project management who can support and train big companies for managing multi-million-dollar programs and enterprise project management solutions. Unique within the industry, the majority of Elgindy Co. are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), a designation awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI).